Lancashire Terrace

Lancashire Terrace Living Options and Floor Plans

You’ll Enjoy All the Comforts of Home and More At Lancashire Terrace.

When you retire to Lancashire Terrace, you are exchanging living in one comfortable home in your town or city for another in our village. The unique clustering of our individual cottages creates a feeling of complete privacy, yet you know companionship and security are there when you want them. Our comprehensive selection of amenity packages offers the services and features you desire at prices that are amazingly affordable.

All Lancashire Terrace cottages share an important element – they are designed for independent living. You’ll find a choice of spacious, airy, and natural light-filled room options. Once you’ve decided on the look, style and extras that will help you create the perfect, unique home, you can begin to plan exactly how you’ll enjoy your new maintenance-free lifestyle.


You Have Choices at Lancashire Terrace!

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Deluxe Options


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