About Us

Partnering to Improve Quality of Life

At WILMAC, we believe in building lasting relationships. This core belief extends to our professional partners. Whether your agency or system is private, government, or nonprofit, we begin by understanding your needs. Then we collaborate with you to find the right solutions for your seniors, their families and your employees.

We understand that your reputation is based largely on the advice and recommendations that you give. That's why we promise to share our senior care expertise with you and respond quickly to every situation.

Most importantly, we are committed to delivering high-quality retirement living, personal care, and nursing and rehabilitation services to residents and their families in ways that improve their quality of life.

How we can help

WILMAC is proud of its senior care partnerships with professionals and families. When you’re evaluating independent and personal care facilities, we’re here to make every phase of the process run smoothly.

  • Decision-making support: We tailor the retirement living selection process to meet the needs of your seniors, their families, and your company.
  • High-quality service: When you refer someone to a WILMAC senior care community, you can count on our commitment to improving every aspect of the resident’s quality of life.
  • Responsive move-in process: We make it easy for you to meet your deadlines.
  • Expert resources: We offer one-on-one and group presentations to educate you, your seniors, and your staff on a variety of aging and senior living topics.
  • Long-distance placements: With retirement communities and senior care services throughout Pennsylvania, we can pinpoint the option that's exactly right for your client.
  • Problem solving: Because we've worked with thousands of seniors and their families, chances are that we've developed a time-tested solution for every issue you face.
  • Extension of your care: By combining your expertise with ours, you can broaden the senior care services you offer.

How to make a referral

For more information, complete our online form today, or contact us at:

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